What Can “Traditional” Scholarly Journals Learn from DH?

The session I’m thinking about would allow participants to talk about the implications of digital humanities, its ethos, theoretical frameworks, and practices, for traditional scholarly journals.  Possible topics might include:  integrating digital with traditional journals; migrating traditional print journals into the digital space and what that might mean logistically, conceptually, etc.; open access/open peer review; editorial practices; multimedia; implications for tenure, etc etc.

Full disclosure:  I ran an online-only scholarly peer-reviewed journal that I would consider not-DH for about seven years; I’m on the editorial board for an online-only scholarly peer-reviewed journal that considers itself “DH” now; I’m also an associate editor for a print-only traditional scholarly journal; and I might be about to take the helm at a print-only traditional scholarly journal that is looking to do digital.  SO:  I have some experience, but am also about to embark on something that might require me to answer some of these questions — so I can share some ideas, but am also looking to learn.

Also:  not saying “traditional” and “DH” are all mutually exclusive terms — simply hoping to have a conversation about how shifts and developments in digital humanities are affecting various forms of scholarly/academic dissemination/publishing — and hoping to talk about this in a nuts-and-bolts kind of way.