Workshop F2: Hands-on Programming Demonstration with the Processing Language

Workshop F2: Hands-on Programming Demonstration with the Processing Language
Instructor: Katherine Lynch, Temple University
Time: 2:00pm — 3:45pm

Description: In this workshop, Katherine Lynch will demonstrate and explain a simple coding example that utilizes fundamental programming concepts.  In this workshop, the examples will be written with Processing, a free and Open Source programming language and development environment designed to foster entry-level literacy in programming with a focus on digital humanities and the visual arts.

Participants will learn to write a simple Processing program, which can then be embedded online for showcasing.  After the demonstration, Katherine will highlight examples of Processing programs used in published digital humanities projects, allowing participants to draw comparisons between their own coding experience in the workshop, and what is possible for in-depth projects.

Please bring a laptop in order to participate in the hands-on portion.

Note: This hands-on demonstration is a continuation of Workshop F1, but it is not necessary to attend both sessions — each can stand alone.  However, if you aren’t attending Workshop F1 but are attending this one (F2) and you want to follow along, don’t forget to install Processing ahead of time (see below).

Technical Requirements: Laptop (not tablet) to follow along with the Processing demonstration on your own machine. If you wish to explore Processing or download/install it prior to the workshop, visit the website here: