Workshop F1: Intro to Programming with the Processing Language

Workshop F1: Intro to Programming with the Processing Language
Instructor: Katherine Lynch, Temple University
Time: 11:00am — 12:45pm

Description: This workshop will function as a first look into the world of computer programming, no prior knowledge required.  Attendees will gain a grasp of several fundamental concepts of coding, which will carry over to many programming languages for practical application in digital humanities work.  These concepts will be illustrated in Processing, a free and Open Source programming language and development environment designed to foster entry-level literacy in programming with a focus on digital humanities and the visual arts.

Please bring a laptop, not a tablet — Katherine will walk through downloading and installing Processing on Mac, Linux, and PC platforms. There will be a continuation of this workshop with a hands-on portion in the afternoon, but those feeling comfortable should feel welcome to follow along with the basic Processing syntax examples during this workshop as well!

Note: Workshop F2 will be a hands-on demonstration and continuation of this workshop, but it is not necessary to attend both sessions — each can stand alone.

Technical Requirements: Laptop (not tablet) to download and install Processing on your own machine. If you wish to explore Processing or download/install it prior to the workshop, visit the website here: