Workshop C: Video Capture, Editing and Publishing for Non-Profits on A Budget

Workshop C: Video Capture, Editing and Publishing for Non-Profits on A Budget
Instructor: Nicole Scalessa, IT Manager & Graphic Designer, The Library Company of Philadelphia
Time: 9:00am — 10:45am

This workshop will provide an overview of current video capture and publishing trends and why video and audio should be a key component of the digital experience you offer patrons online. Participants will learn hands on how to edit video and audio using, AVS Video Editor and Audacity. This class is perfect for the amateur at a small institution looking for a quick and easy way to get video and audio online.

Learning Objectives:
The participant will be able to trim an audio clip and publish it on their website and iTunes entering the world of podcasting. Key video skills participants will acquire include video import, trimming, adding transitions, adding text, and finally exporting for the web. If time allows we will also cover how to flip those videos you took upside with your phone.

Technical Requirements:
Participants should all have PC laptops (no tablets) or a MAC with a windows virtualization (info here ). AVS requires Windows OS.

Audio & Video:
The instructor will provide a video and audio clip on a thumbdrive onsite and will provide a download link.

Audacity here (Free)

AVS Video Editor Here:
>> AVS has an unlimited trial with a watermark so students can download, install, and use for free. If they wish to purchase the software and remove the watermark the unlimited lifetime price is on sale for $59 until September 30th. Once you pay for one product you can use the same license number for all AVS products and upgrades without charge.

Suggested Reading:
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Designing the Digital Experience: How to Use Experience Design Tools & Techniques to Build Websites Customers Love by David Lee King (2008)

Get Seen: Online Video Secrets to Building Your Business by Steve Garfield. (2010)

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