Saturday’s Sessions – What you need to know

Hello Philly THATCampers!

Here’s what you need to know about Saturday, September 28:

  1. If you haven’t already proposed a session idea, login to the website and post your idea for a conversation topic.
    You should have received your welcome/login details within the past several weeks (check your spam too).
  2. UPDATE: We haven’t yet maxed out on attendees for Saturday, so if you want to bring a friend or two, they’re welcome to come!  (If lots of people bring friends, we may have to turn away non-registrants — but it’s a gamble well worth taking.)
  3. If you can’t attend, please send a note to as soon as you know — that way we can give your spot to someone on the waiting list and alert them with time to spare (like earlier than the night before!).
  4. On Saturday, Session Proposal Voting runs from 8:30am-9:15am.
    You should be here for this…it’s this process that makes THATCamp unique! And it makes this THATCamp YOUR THATCamp!

    During the voting time, you’ll also have a chance to propose/pitch more sessions.
  5. Visit this page to familiarize yourself with how THATCamp works, for more tips about proposing a session, and details about the general timing of things.
  6. Before coming, you should read over the session ideas other campers have proposed on the website. (This may also inform your own proposal ideas.)
  7. Drinks will be available all day.
  8. Lunch break is 11:30am to 1:00pm.  There are tons & tons of places to get food close to CHF — check here.  If you want to buddy up and go to lunch with 1 to 5 others, there will be a “Dine Around” sign-up list available in the morning — here’s the Dine Around list.
  9. There will be a quick Snack Break from 3:15-3:30pm, just before the final session!  Throughout the day, please do be tidy — we want to be invited back to CHF!
  10. There will be some power strips in each room, but not enough for everyone to be plugged in all the time.  Be a good citizen.  And if you want to help out and make it easier for others to share the juice, your kindness will be appreciated.

See you there.  Bring your brains, ears, and mouths.